18x24 1993-9
oil on cotton
location unknown Mahakala 12x17 oil on panel  1993-2003
private collection detail: Mahakala detail: Mahakala detail: Mahakala Knife God 10x10 gouache on cotton 1993-1999
private collection Cosmic Buddha 21x27 oil on wood panel 1997/2008
private collection detail: Cosmic Buddha The Wicked Dervish 7x10 1993/1995 graphite on paper
private collection "Meetings" Imagined 12x12 oil on panel 1994/2001
private collection Jesus in Edom
gouache, oil  and copper on watercolor paper
private collection
  2411 S Starview Place box 16201  San Simon AZ 85632  484-881-2733