Dismal Dancers 30x19 alkyd on cotton 2002
Zen Joke 50x65 latex on cotton 2002
MTRS 24x42 oil on linen 2002
Desi Girl 18x24 oil on cotton 2002
Autocoronation 41x81 oil on linen 2002
Norse King 24x48 oil on wood 2002
Ganesh in the Hall 18x24 acrylic on cardboard 2002
Mercury over the Lakes 35x45 oil on linen 2002
Smurf Stack 4x11 acrylic on wood 2001
Painter and Cabin 11x14 oil on cotton 2002
Desert God 7x9 gouache and charcoal on cardboard 2001
Hermaphroditic Pazuzu 5x8 oil on cardboard 2001