The Great Introspector 17x26 oil on cotton on panel 1991-2007 private collection
Creation Hand 5.5x14 oil on panel 1997/2003 private collection
The Mandarin 8x10 oil on paper on panel 1992/2009 private collection
Liscense 3.5x7 oil on cotton on panel 1991-2010 private collection
Unnamed Angel 6x9 oil on paper on panel 1989/2003 private collection
A Hidden Place 9x11.5 oil on paper on panel 1990/2007 private collection
Mani Pinxit 9.5x12.5 oil on paper on panel 1990/2006 private collection
Dinacopter 32x43 oil on cotton 1990/2008
Diva, Devi and Death 7.5x9.5 Oli on paper mounted on wood 2003 private collection
Goddess of the Serpent Twins 14x23 oil on paper and wood 2008 private collection
Narcissus and Aurora 10x11 oil on wood 1991/2007
Set and Isis in the Storm 30x42 oil on canvas 1995
God of Nysos 22x39 gouache on paper 2001 private collection
The Ascetic Anima 12x18 gouache and acrylic on paper mounted on masonite 1992/202private collection