Impolitic 66x92 oil and graphite on canvas 2004 private collection
The Middle West 11x14 oil on linen 2004
Northwest 12x28 oil on linen 2004
Family 12x12 oil on cardboard 2007
The Four Princes 10x10 oil on cotton 2004 private collection
Incorporation 18x32 oil on linen 2004 private colllection
Tree of The Republic 17x20 oil on linen 2010 private collection
Station of the Heartland 11x14 oil on linen 2004 private collection
New Atlantis 18x24 acrylic on paper 2007 private collection
Atman 37x48 acrylic on cotton 1998
Battle of Vienna 31x22 oil on cotton 2004/2007
Thistle Gyre 14.5x14.5 oil on cotton on panel 2009